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Happiness on a plate - every dish is a delight!
Kisses, Mooy
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Welcome to MOOY, a delightful culinary haven where we prioritize using only the freshest, most organic ingredients in all our dishes. With a dash of love added to every recipe, you'll taste the difference that sets us apart and keeps you coming back for more.


At MOOY, love is truly our secret ingredient. We believe that food should be more than just fuel for the body – it should be a celebration of life and all its joys. From our friendly, welcoming staff to our beautifully presented dishes, every aspect of your MOOY experience is designed to make you feel cherished.

MOOY is not just a lunch spot; we are a community. Our cozy, inviting atmosphere provides the perfect setting for catching up with friends and family, while our focus on creating a relaxing environment lets you unwind and escape from the daily hustle.


But at MOOY, it's not just about the food – it's about the entire experience. Our magical lunchbar is the perfect backdrop for enjoying a delicious lunch that is anything but mainstream.


Life is too short for ordinary, and we're here to offer you something truly extraordinary. We stand out by paying attention to every detail, and we can't wait for you to experience it for yourself.


Our cozy, welcoming space feels like a warm embrace for your senses. From the gentle glow of our pink lights to the elegant pink and gold cutlery, every aspect has been thoughtfully curated to create a comforting atmosphere that feels like home. Our menu is no exception, with each dish crafted as a masterpiece using the freshest ingredients and infused with a touch of love. MOOY is the ideal destination for those who treasure life's simple pleasures.

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Our signature dishes, the heart waffles, are delightful treats for your taste buds - each bite a sweet reminder of life's simple joys. At MOOY, we're proud of our top-notch ingredients and the love we put into each dish.

Our heart waffles showcase this dedication. Instead of relying on just sugar and flour like many waffle recipes, we add a twist by blending fresh vegetables and almond flour.


We choose only the finest ingredients, such as sweet potatoes and spinach, to make a batter that's both tasty and nutritious. No E-numbers or refined oils here - just pure goodness! Every heart waffle is made with care and garnished with an array of delightful toppings.


Let us treat you to the cutest and most delightful heart waffles you'll ever taste!


Our passion for coffee is undeniable, and we take it very seriously. We believe that coffee should not only taste good but also be responsibly sourced and ethically produced. That's why we use only the finest organic beans.


Our signature coffee, El Palto, Peru, exemplifies our dedication to quality. This coffee is made from a blend of 100% Arabica beans of Catura-Typica and Catimor varieties, which gives it a distinct and delectable chocolate orange flavor, tantalizing your taste buds and awakening your senses.


Our commitment to this coffee goes beyond just its flavor. The coffee lot that produces El Palto was grown by several members of the Mujeres program, which aims to empower women in the local community. By supporting this program, we not only get a great cup of coffee, but we also contribute to a larger cause that benefits the people of Peru. Our organic coffee is brewed to perfection and served with care, so you can savor every sip, knowing that you're supporting a responsible and ethical business.


We invite you to join our family and indulge in a MOOY experience that delights your senses, warms your heart, and leaves you craving more.

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